Rethinking medical records

Barcelona, Spain

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


IOMED’s product consists on an intelligent Electronic Health Record (EHR). An EHR is a software program used by medical doctors to store and visualize the health data of their patients. IOMED aims to solve the problems usually faced by doctors when using EHRs in the following ways: Seamless introduction of patient data: minimizing the interaction between the doctor and the computer to save time, and limiting the amount of “handwritten” text. Intelligent organization of the data: the software understands the different medical concepts, storing the data in a structured and interrelated way. Useful visualizations: the underlying structure of the data allows to generate visualizations which can ease the understanding of the patient, without having to read through long texts. Searches and analysis: this way of data storage will allow to perform complex searches which are now impossible (eg. how many patients have reported X symptom associated to X drug last month?). At a large scale, this will also allow to perform medical studies on population data.