VivoSensMedical GmbH

OvulaRing is the first in-body wearable fertility tracker

Leipzig, Germany

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


VivoSensMedical GmbH is a med-tech startup dedicated to women’s health. With OvulaRing the company has developed the first in-body wearable fertility tracker to precisely determine ovulation and the fertile window, ideal for medical cycle diagnostics, optimizing conception and natural contraception. Based on 40 years of medical research, OvulaRing is a modern e-health solution combining wearable (vaginal biosensor) for measuring the body-core temperature with mobile software/app and medical algorithms for data evaluation within a CE approved medical device. With 288 measuring points daily, the patent-protected OvulaRing is the only product on the market, that is able to map the entire female cycle enabling a profound analysis of the patient’s cycle health. Further the fertile window and ovulation can precisely be determined with reliabilities higher than 99% which we have shown in two independent medical studies. Based on algorithms an ovulation prognosis for the following month can be given. All current cycle diagnostics and ovulation determination methods are based on standard cycles and one-point measurements. But 70% of all women do not meet the standard; therefore these methods are highly imprecise and not suitable for the majority of women. OvulaRing respects the individuality of women and is a product at the interface between doctor and patient, enabling medical cycle diagnostics and self-tracking. OvulaRing enables tele-medical treatments and individual therapies with higher sucess rates. Therefore, is is able to reduce number, costs and side effectts of hormonal fertility treatments. On top of that, OvulaRing has the potential to become the safest hormone-free contraception method. OvulaRing is recommended by a network of more than 200 doctors, midwives and medical practitioners and sold via a monthly subcription model over the company’s website to the final customer. Additionally it is available at drug stores in Germany. We are filing for reimbursem