New Generation Sensors s.r.l.

NGS exploits IoT and Smart Camera technologies from hardware to services

Pisa, Italy

IoT, IoE


New Generation Sensors (NGS) is a Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (SSSA) Spin-off company founded in 2015 and located in Pisa. NGS was born by a technological push of ENEL, the Italian corporation of energy. ENEL ordered to NGS to engineer and deploy the research outputs coming from SSSA. The engineered prototype, called PlantOne, is field tested and validated at Federico II power plant (Brindisi, Italy). It is one of the lowest cost electric machineries predictive maintenance system capable to cover all the monitoring levels from sensors acquisition to information visualisation. PlantOne is a close to market prototype (will be released in Q2-2017) and its easy-to-use evolution (funded by BEinCPPS OC1) , called Smart PlantOne, toward the "predictive maintenance democratisation" will be released in Q1-2018. More in general, the NGS offer consists on the development of services, technologies and components towards the complete exploitation of the Internet of Things paradigm through the implementation of the following features: (i) an integrated and multi-protocol network architecture which considers both short and long range communications; (ii) the distribution of the intelligence at every level of the monitoring chain, expanding the concept of smart everything and permitting the dispatchment toward the cloud of only the necessary amount of data; (iii) the implementation of low cost components compliant with the aforementioned network infrastructure.