DiD -Digital Development AS

We provide outdoor solutions to better reach advertisers' target customers

Oslo, Norway



DiD – Digital Development (DiD) is a Norwegian startup specialized in digital solutions that developed a product for the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry: MotionCatcher®(MC). MC is a software/hardware solution to detect, analyze and exploit data from off-line media spaces. This product allows applying on-line advertising business models, to off-line/outdoor (OOH) advertising industry. The Advertising value chain demands the digitalization of this sector to allow programmatic buying of the spaces and to better target their customers. There are no similar solutions in Norway and worldwide competitors are mostly offering this type of services as “temporary customised option” while our offer is intended as a permanent service. The outdoor advertising spending is estimated to be 34 Billion USD annually and increasing. MC can digitalize the entire industry of OOH and in-store advertising and has a worldwide potential. DiD can achieve 4M $ revenues in 3 years if the business plan is well executed and the company well financed. The 5-people team includes experienced professionals in the advertising industry, software, hardware development, and business administration. DiD will commercialize MC within different sectors: initially offering only the software to existing OOH and in-store media spaces owners. Subsequently, also expanding to medium/small retailer not covered by those networks, offering an affordable all-in one solution (software and hardware). ClearChannel, prontoTV, (OOH networks), Resolution Media (media buyer) Pepsi, Rovio, Findus (Advertisers) are interested in our technology and signed NDA and Pilot agreements. We have filed a patent application in April 2016.