Maximizing Wireless Performance. Speed up your WiFi 5x!

Seville, Spain



It's not a scret that WiFi capacity is crunching!... Wi-Fi is a wonderful technology that enables wireless network access with many different devices. Wi-Fi is based in the 802.11 protocol family. The IEEE 802.11 protocol family continues to evolve and increase bandwidth but it is still focused on single client transactions. These protocols offer little support for optimization of available bandwidth in high usage environments. Today's Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) operate independently, creating overlapping signals that lead to inefficiencies in network operation. Adding APs to increase available bandwidth in a confined space can actually reduce bandwidth! Wi-Fi throughput issues are especially pronounced in places where high-density users and high-bandwidth entertainment expectations coincide. Innovative Wi-Fi entertainment solutions such as Video Streaming can only succeed if network resources are properly managed. To solve this problem we have We have developed Cognitive HotSpotTM Technology (CHT) – Collaborative Wi-Fi. CHT is a software embedded on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) (APs) that converts regular APs into Smart APs. Smart APs are collaborative. They act together as a team to optimize the network capacity. Smart APs take the environment into account, continuously sensing it to adapt in real-time. Information is shared among APs to create a network awareness and manage the available resources jointly. CHT helps to prevent interferences and network congestion, sets measures to guarantee network-wide QoS, enables seamless roaming and balanced networks, and improves overall network capacity.