Maximizing Wireless Performance. Speed up your WiFi 5x!

Seville, Spain



Are you experiencing WiFi connection problems?: it's not a secret that WiFi capacity is not at its best!...

Galgus develops Cognitive Hotspot Technology (CHT), a software (SW) embedded on WiFi Routers (WRT) and Access Points (APs) that converts regular APs into intelligent APs that can collaborate with each other and optimize Wi-Fi performance in real-time.

The three main challenges in today´s Wi-Fi deployments are:
  • Existing APs are unintelligent and power-hungry devices that work inefficiently and without synchronization.
  • There is a very high density of users trying to access the network (IoT is going to exacerbate the problem) increasing the bandwidth demand exponentially.
  • There is a very high concentration of Wi-Fi networks operating over the same radio channels and creating co-channel interference among APs.
Key benefits:
  • CHT increases performance up to 5x of WRT and APs.
  • CHT reduces interference levels and power consumption up to 60%.
  • CHT reduces the number of APs required and strongly increases ROI.
  • Added Value for OEMs, SIs and ISPs products & services.