Easy and Natural Customer Support Software for Manufacturers

Milan, Italy

Enterprise Solutions


We make customer support on physical objects beautifully simple.

Physical products are unique, even when they look exactly the same. The customer support value chain is made of a variety of distribution and technical service partners of all sizes and shapes. In order to ensure consistently good customer support across the board, only large manufacturers can afford the huge implementations required by traditional solutions.

We developed a simple solution based on a unique ID associated to each specific model and serial number that enables manufacturers of any size and their partners to take better care of their products and customers across the board. lets them know where their products are and who owns them. It gives them visibility over product issues and service quality. It helps them save time, work better and avoid overlooking customer struggles. It provides their customers with the most natural and easier customer support that really makes them happier. is a simple, convenient and inexpensive solution. Manufacturers stick a unique label on their products. When the user scans it with her smartphone, she first of all activates the service. This is when the manufacturer finally associates each product to a specific owner, location and additional information from the receipt. When the user needs support, she scans the label and seamlessly accesses all and only the relevant resources. If she cannot find what she needs, she requests support by calling, asking to be called back or writing a message. Tickets, pre-qualified by customer, location and product are generated, automatically routed to and efficiently managed by the appropriate counterpart.