B-wom Technologies

B-wom is changing selfcare for women's intimate health

Barcelona, Spain

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


Women, we are complex, and so is our body. We experience many changes through our lifes. The truth is that we know these changes will happen, and we find them when we are there, because we don't prepare for it, we don't prevent. B-wom's mission is to change selfcare for women, we focus on prevention. B-wom is a digital health startup focusing on women's intimate health/wellness. As of today, we have an app with personalized care plans, exercises and tracking for pelvic floor, some initial healthy habits and content about health. We are expanding our health scope to cover all these moments on a woman's life. We started with pelvic floor, because with few time (10 minutes / day) you can see a real benefit on your body. Pelvic floor affects to: sex, urine leaks, constipation, flat belly and back pain. The B-wom app method is based on personalized training, feedback, follow-up, knowledge-sharing and community. Once they download the app, women take a test and receive an evaluation. Then B-wom personalizes a combination of exercises and recommendations for improving quality of life and preventing health issues. B-wom’s personalized approach allows the company to track the evolution, gather detailed feedback and relevant data from users, which can be used to identify patterns and analyze prevalence: health problems, exercise difficulty, symptoms, evolution and behavioral patterns, among others. Finally, B-wom is set to raise awareness about intimate health issues that were considered a taboo. We are changing selfcare for women. We focus on prevention.