Combine ecology and artificial intelligence

Hannover, Germany


PEAT unites agriculture, big data and machine learning for the automatic recognition of plant damages, bringing the benefits of smart agriculture to billions of farmers worldwide. Today we can identify more than 100 plant diseases, pest and nutrient deficiencies based on a smartphone image with an accuracy of > 90%. In 2100, the world will accommodate 11 billion people - almost double the population it has today - additionally 15-30% of the worldwide yield is lost due to plant diseases and pest every year. PEATs approach is to connect big data and artificial intelligence in an unprecedented manner to prevent crop shortfalls and wasteful application of pesticides for both smallholder and big farmers. To overcome this challenge of smallholder farmers, where knowledge about plant diseases and pest is still expert knowledge, we developed the smartphone application Plantix - a simple plant disease diagnostic and monitoring tool, which is already available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and will be published India this April. For professional farmers we will offer interface solutions for real time plant monitoring via greenhouse surveillance systems, drones or farm management softwares. Since our software is developed as an API which can be integrated in every system which has a camera and a WiFi connection. Our software refers to a worldwide unique image database - together with our users we built up a database of over 300 000 pictures. An the database is growing every day we receive at least 500 pictures every day from all over the world.