Kiev, Ukraine

Artificial Intelligence


UniExo is revolution technology of rehabilitation. It is modular exoskeleton, which will change stationary medical equipment to wearable devices, and improves rehabilitation movements of people, without additional help of doctors.

The main reason is the expensive equipment for rehabilitation, which buys the clinics at the moment, and as a consequence of the high price and limited access rehabilitation treatment for people; who have problems with limb movements after fractures, heart disease, and disability.

First of our product: оur product is modular which gives great flexibility in contrast to stationary exoskeletons. Each module applies to corresponding part of the body.

Second: Using 3D printing we can customize each module according to person's body peculiarities and decrease the cost of the exoskeleton.

Third, еasy control app tool for doctors which is much more advanced in contrast to stationary equipment exoskeleton control system. Thanks our project, doctors will use special app for doctors and patients, to order to appoint and monitoring rehabilitation of people, which our team making now.

Fourth, оur exoskeleton has robotic system of stabilizers working on special algorithms of balancing for arms and legs, which enables additional safety for patients during rehabilitation. It surpasses current approaches in medical rehabilitation.

Fifth, this year we aim to create an advancement in adaptation of the exoskeleton under the control of AI algorithms, which will help adapt to the body of each person individually.

Our product has 2 target market: medical devices and digital health. Now actively developing market of digital health and medical devices, and this product will is demand in clinics USA and Europe, also our product can take between 15 to 30 percent of the market for about 2-3 years.Our customers it is hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers, and business model B2B. We provide clinics devices, but not for sale for the first time, then we are doing a special contract.