Micro air pollution exposure sensing technology and crowdsourcing platform

Timisoara, Romania

IoT, IoE


Airify is a startup created for solving the air pollution problem in big and medium cities micro climates by crowd sourcing the air quality information from different mobile users. Lowering and maintaining the air pollution at normal levels has a big impact for environment and also from health and economic points of view. The modern society has a violent impact on our environment. We can see on our own a part of the effects: shortages in season’s length - very hot summers, winters without snow etc. Global temperature rose with 1.5 Celsius degrees in the last 100 years and if it will continue to rise with 4 more Celsius degrees the human civilization will disappear! Pollution also affects people’s health. The economic costs of respiratory diseases are considerable both in terms of direct medical costs (hospital admissions and pharmaceuticals) and indirect medical costs (time lost from work and premature death). According to a WHO study in 2015, air pollution costs European economies more than $1.5 trillion each year, nearly 10% of the Gross Domestic Product of the EU. As we all are increasing air pollution, on the same manner we have to contribute to solve the problem. First step in solving it, is to understand the problem by measuring the real situation from multiple mobile sources, in real time, with a high resolution, on crowded places on earth. We have to start from collecting data at local level to address pollution impact for each person’s health but also to contribute with our data to help authorities to implement and impose measures to reduce pollution. Therefore, the main starting point in collecting data is by providing a wearable/IoT measurement device that is easy to configure, to take with you or to position on mobile vehicles and that offers reliable data about our environment. This, alongside a clear visualization of the problem in terms of air quality index, heat maps and alerts, can have a huge impact on personal health and world air pollution.