arculus GmbH

We are breaking with Henry Ford's assembly line, and making flexibility the new industry standard with a ground-breaking modularity approach.

Ingolstadt, Germany

Manufacturing Technologies


Since the early 1900's, production lines have been built to last. Times have changed: today is all about adaptation, being flexible, and not being left behind. Production systems need to grow and adapt. The production system of tomorrow has to be completely adaptable to changes in product, production program, and new technologies. You need to be able to respond immediately to whatever comes your way. Forget about compromising production capacity ever again. Set the rules, and keep ahead of your game. Flexibility will be your new standard.

arculus is the company behind the modular production revolution, headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany. This company was founded with a mission to make a more efficient and flexible production system in multi-variant industries, implementing the most innovative solutions. For the last 100 years, production has followed Ford's lead with his production line system, built and optimized around it. We in arculus believe the time has come to take the next step, to move forward ...

Our vision is to set modular production as the new industry standard.