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Delhi, India

Energy Technologies


Every hour, enough light falls on the earth to power the planet for a year, yet today, less than 1% of global electricity is generated from solar power. Our vision is to transform the profile of solar power and energy generation. We are zealous about contributing to the world and address the growing energy requisites and Climate threat in an innovative and a Smart way, which does not depend on power from fossil fuels rather on Solar energy. Our aim is to expedite the adoption of solar technology across India to conserve our environment and provide an environmentally amicable, sustainable and conflict-free power supply. Sustainable ecumenical economic development requires reliable, cost-efficacious and expeditiously scalable energy solutions. The primary focus is dealing with the high cost of electricity and the threat of Climate change due to overuse of Fossils in the Urban region and long unavailability of Electricity in the rural region. The cost of Electricity is increasing at 8% per annum which is hard hit by an average Person. Also, the High cost of electricity is a major setback for the Commercial sector which requires energy for Production and Manufacturing. In India, compared with other countries, the official price of electricity that is provided to industry is not competitive. Global comparative data shows that the official price of electricity in India is nearly double that provided by China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar, to their manufacturers. Also, Electrification ratio in Rural India by the end of last year was about 43%. This means that 57% of the population does not have electricity. At CLIMATENZA we have innovated Highly efficient third generation solar thin chip we are calling as Perovskites solar chips, as our major products. The innovation lies in the printing technology and Solvent solution method which can we perform at room temperature. We are also working on designing a low-cost Concentrated solar power plant that will be 50% cheaper.