Solar Vibes

We offer solar powered smart farming solution for farmers

Berlin, Germany

Agricultural & Food Technologies


Solarvibes is an aspiring startup with a multicultural team of graduates from well reputed universities. We are committed to provide solar based smart farming solutions to farmers in developing countries. Our vision is to empower farmers and lead the transition to tackle the biggest problem of the century which is the Energy-Water-Food nexus. Agriculture in developing countries is practiced in a wide spread land scape with a huge gap in infrastructure development and communication. Old farming methods and inappropriate use of water and agro-chemicals reduces rate of crop productivity by 40% compared to their counterparts in developed countries. Over 160 million farmers in India and Africa fall in this category. Due to diminishing profits and increasing crop failures, farming has become a less attractive profession. Migration rate of people from villages towards cities is very rapid in developing countries. With growing demand for food supply, affordable smart farming technology, that helps a farmer grow different types of crops, increase crop productivity offer crop protection is the need of the hour. Addressing this problem, we are developing the Agri Module, a hardware that can be installed in any farm. With the help of Agri Module, farmers can grow any crop of their choice, evaluate the suitability for cultivation and aid farmers to make informed decisions on farm operations. Farmers can monitor and control their system in their local language through our mobile application. With a touch of his fingertips he is now able to save money up to 30% by cutting down on energy and fertilizer costs and increase crop productivity. Moreover farmers can stay connected to the agricultural network and keep themselves updated about the latest agricultural trends, market price and get fair prices for the crops. With our technology, farmers can cultivate crops efficiently and at the same time bolster their economic situation and ensure food security.