imagine a device that can make you forget being diabetic

Leipzig, Germany

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


Having diabetes is challenging so imagine a device that can make you forget being diabetic. The big idea behind the company is to offer software (for companies) to build devices that can automate diabetes treatment You might have heard about diabetes monitors and insulin pumps before but unlike these products we can calculate the optimal amount of insulin. With our software new devices can be made like smart diabetes monitors and an artificial pancreas making it so much easier living with diabetes. Taking the wrong amount of insulin causes serious consequences. Poorly managed diabetes can lead to a host of long-term complications like heart attacks, strokes, blindness, kidney failure and eventually death. What do we understand that other companies just don't get? We spent one year analyzing published algorithm work including the 20 best known, took all data in MATLAB and simulated their research results to learn how these algorithm perform and delivered a 140 page scientific document with our results. With our tests we demonstrated that (existing) PID and PMC controller do not work. We started from scratch and developed a completely new way of calculation relying on different mathematical tools and an AI for parameter optimization. We presented our first clinical data at the Diabetes Technology Society Meeting (https://www.diabetestechnology.org) where we demonstrated that the system achieves satisfactory glycaemia regulation in a type 1 diabetic patient. A1c decreased from a pre-test result of 8.3 to 6.8 after 6 months. B2B SaaS Business Modell: diafyt Cloud provides data services for B2B customers to develop services and devices for their customers: diafyt algorithm and AI, Diabetes data analytics (Data Warehouse), Secure data storage and API The business model is build on providing a paid API building data services and devices. Examples are: Smart Diabetes Monitoring App, Artificial Pancreas, Patient therapy optimization software for physicians