Living facades - Transforming sunlight and CO2 into storable energy

Berlin, Germany

Energy Technologies


Solaga develops solar-biogas systems that enable a climate friendly and self-sufficient energy supply for private households based on biogas from photosynthetic microorganism. The biological solar-panels that are being developed by Solaga may be installed locally on roof-tops or any outdoor areas and do not necessarily require direct sun-light. Solaga biogas is only produced from CO2, trace elements and solar biomass. The microorganisms are used as molecular factories for continues production of organic substrate. This high energy substrate can be converted into high quality biogas, which can be easily stored locally and used as a renewable and CO2-neutral substitute for fossil fuels. In contrast to conventional biogas production from energy crops such as maize the Solaga solar-panels are not depended on arable land and thus, do not compete with the natural biodiversity. In the future Solaga also wants to recycle local CO2-emissions to decrease the carbon-footprints locally. As a spin-off project at Humboldt-University Berlin, the Solaga-concept was awarded several times. Solaga has been prototyping the patent-pending technology and is still in the R&D phase. A first commercially available product is expected in 2019.