@Tech provide solutions in livestock precision farming based on science.c

Piracicaba, Brazil

Agricultural & Food Technologies


@Tech provide solutions in livestock precision farming based on scientific and technological research to overcome challenges of food security in Brazil and worldwide. @Tech has a mission to provide precision livestock solutions based on scientific-technological research to address food security in Brazil and worldwide. Its vision is of excellence and international recognition in its products and services of high technological complexity so that the producers, the industries and the institutions related to the agribusiness obtain more knowledge to the support the making of its decisions and profitability providing the continuous access to safe foods in quantity and quality to its customers, with respect to the environment and to the welfare. Nowadays our main system is the BeefTrader: a market smart information platform to maximize profit of livestock producers and meat industry. BeefTrader storytelling: 1) Our project started in 2015 with about US$ 60,000 grant from São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) in Small Business Innovation Research Program (PIPE Phase 1, grant #2015/07855-7, 11 months project that will be finished in February, 2017). In this Phase the technical hypothesis were validated using simulation (link to scientific results) and the minimum valuable product (MVP) was created; 2) BeefTrader was selected by FAPESP in the 2nd FAPESP-High-Tech Entrepreneurial Training in Brazil from 155 companies (6 weeks, finished 12/6/2016). In this training the BeefTrader Business Model Canvas (BMC) was validated with about 100 interviewed (customers, partners, and channels); 3) The BeefTrader was selected from more than 50 startups to the Leaders in Innovation Fellowship Program in England (LIF, 2 weeks training in London, finished on 12/9/2016). The LIF aim was provide for our team an entrepreneurship and commercialization training and mentoring and BeefTrader was awarded with the 1st place. See BeefTrader video: https://youtu.be/x8Ygj0X_pCw.