Biometric security company specializing in Iris Recognition technology

Seoul, South Korea



We specialize in solving problems related to identity theft, data leak, information security, etc. We live in a world connected via internet. Accepting the fact that our lives are based on technology and IoT-based solutions is the first step of facing severe issues with security. People's vital information, identity, financial records, sensitive data are all facing potential threats of data leak. This is why various global corporations are becoming involved in biometrics. We were introduced to Fingerprint technology approximately 15-20 years ago and now are using this same technology as access control, data security, and authentication methods. With drastic improvements of the way we view technology and also due to the fact that growth rate of technology is becoming much more rapid compared to 20 years ago, we are seeking the next futuristic technology to adapt into our everyday life. IRISYS is the Microsoft of personal data security. When we say personal, we mean it in every aspect of the world. From unique iris coding to hashing of template data as well as authentication/identification with error rate less than 0.00024%, we offer ordinary people with extraordinary security which can be carried within their palm. We strive to become the Google of biometric security.