Bio Bureau Biotechnology

Creating sustainable Biotechnology from the Brazilian biodiversity

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



At Bio Bureau, we digitalize forests. Which means we sequence the DNA of all their organisms and store in digital format. We created the first digital forest. The largest genetic data bank of a tropical forest Then we bioprospect it. Which means we use bioinformatics to search the bank for proteins and enzymes of industry interest We simulate their functionality in silico, to automatically select ‘hot leads’ among millions of proteins Then we prototype. We capture the biological functionality in a genetically modified microorganism that can reproduce that biological process in an industrial plant, pretty much the same way we make wine or beer. But only this time to synthese perfumes, medicine and biofuels. We are creating the largest biotech network in the world to promote the 4th industrial revolution, and deliver high aggregate value products to billion-dollar markets in the cleantech, agriculture, cosmetics and pharma industries; sharing benefits to traditional populations and respecting the environment.