Unleash the power of code + people

Potsdam, Germany

Enterprise Solutions


Seerene helps businesses tap into the power of their most precious resources in a digital world – its code and people. Today, every business depends on mission critical software. It is no longer sufficient for technical people to review code metrics and ensure they meet some abstract level of quality. Managers need to match development capacity and performance to business needs and therefore understand the current state of applications, how development activities are impacting it and what risks are involved. Seerene uniquely couples insight into code with related development activities, and turns this data into actionable insight through advanced analytics and high end visualizations. Managers, for the first time, have real-time transparency into their application landscape and developers, and can make better decisions much faster. Seerene allows them to understand where development capacity goes, what risks are involved, where to invest or shift budget, and assess if budget is well spent. Seerene runs across all industries and is used to efficiently drive digital transformation, optimize legacy applications, increase performance of service providers, create state-of-the-art software development teams or drive IT change. Seerene is a spin-off of the Hasso-Plattner-Institute, a German elite university for software engineering - founded and financed by Hasso Plattner, the SAP co-founder and Chairman of SAP AG. The Management Board is composed of experienced technology and business executives with a long-time experience in top management positions of large companies such as SunGard, KPMG, IBM, Citrix and Microsoft. At the end of last year, the company won the DT50 Award for B2B Scale Up, that is awarded every year by McKinsey, Google and Rocket Internet. Seerene has successfully internationalized its business operations and has offices in Potsdam, New York, Hong Kong and London.