Biomimetic design for light-weight construtions

Berlin, Germany

Industrial Technologies


CellCore develops an intuitive and easy-to-use approach to component optimization based on biomimetic structural principles. We focus on topology optimization of the microstructure of components without changing the external component geometry. Here, we are pursuing a highly innovative light-weight construction approach by calculating stochastic monolithic cellular sandwich structures. By optimizing the relative density, also the weight and the structural stiffness of components, weight saving potentials up to 30% are achievable. With our approach it is also possible to increase the compressive strength and to optimize and adjust the stress-strain curve for an accurate calculation of energy absorption potentials. We combine our innovative light-weight approach with modern manufacturing methods such as 3D printing to achieve simple and uncomplicated metal- or plastic-based components. A comparable offer which combines the material science perspective and component optimization with 3D-printing could not be found in the market. Our technology is thus different from other currently available solutions in: • the targeted linking of structure generation as a CAD model, the provision of the effective physical and mechanical properties of the cellular structure, • the production-compliant calculation and output of the optimized component without the need for further manual post-processing by the user, • the continuous expansion of records stored in the databases. We are particularly focus on professional CAD programs users, engineers and developers in the aerospace, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, power engineering, rail and waterborne transport sectors. Our business model is a plug-in software for common CAD programs in the engineering sector, which allows the designer to work in their familiar environment as well and its simplicity for the user as well as a project-related consulting service.