We use Star-Trek technology to heal chronic wounds and kill superbugs!

Greifswald, Germany

Digital Health & Medical Technologies


Coldplasmatech developed a new solution in wound therapy with cold plasma that eliminates multiresistant bacteria and supports healing processes in the case of chronic and infected wounds. COLDPLASMATECH GmbH was founded in June 2015 as a spin-off of the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology and has been involved in an approval procedure for its innovative medical products (PlasmaPatch and PlasmaCube) since November 2015. After the approval in 2017, the start-up will launch the world's first two-dimensional application of cold plasma to treat chronic and infected wounds; an active wound dressing. With its potentially disruptive product and approach, the team behind COLDPLASMATECH has already won several innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and business awards. The young company with its socially relevant technology emerged from an EXIST Research Transfer project (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) and is based on several years' worth of research in the fields of plasma medicine, e.g. at Campus Plasmamed (Federal Ministry of Education and Research). Supported and sponsored by partners such as WACKER Chemie, DELL and numerous stakeholders from the health care industry, the young start-up is at the forefront of the latest plasma medicine and setting up its line production.