Sengi GmbH

secure cloud storage for mobile workforce and decentralized teams

Halle (Saale), Germany

Security & Safety Technologies


SENGI offers a highly secure cloud solution for mobile workforces and decentralized teams. The innovative encryption and distribution method splits encrypted files into chunks and distributes them among different data centers within Germany and allows you to share files with external partners without the risk of data being stolen or leaked. Implementing SENGI requires no training for employees, no changes in the work routine and it is easy to integrate into any IT-infrastructure. THE CHALLENGE Current working solutions for employees that work remotely are a hassle. Since VPN connections often fail or are too slow, employees utilize insecure file sharing alternatives such as e-mail or thumb drives to avoid additional workload. THE SOLUTION We integrate SENGI natively into the Windows Explorer, so employees won't need to use insecure tools and risk the companies' IP and customer data. THE RESULTS A highly protected and easy-to-use cloud storage and collaboration tool for mobile workforces and decentralized teams that can be integrated into any IT environment. OUR TECHNOLOGY SENGI encrypts your data using AES-256. The encrypted file is then split into countless fragments and distributed among several independent cloud storage solutions within Germany. Our Zero-Knowledge-Privacy policy ensures that only you have the key to fully reassemble the files.