Connected logistics with real-time data

Munich, Germany

IoT, IoE


Production and logistics today is mostly a black box the people in charge. They only track the ware flow at specific points, take only very little parameters and this data is only available long after the fact. As a result, optimising, planning and managing logistic and production facilities becomes a guessing game. The reason for this is that producing data was expensive in the data and producing live data was outright impossible. Now we create a data backend that can take in any kind of data (sensors, RFID, manual input) and make sense out of every single item. We are capable of tracking every single screw, what happened to it and what it becomes. Our customers will be able to see in real time where problems in their system occurs, how to avoid them and how to optimise them. We use technology from big data, serverless architecture and the mathematics behind block chains to create a smart data backend that is able to scale basically infinitely without exploding costs. The data will be used for business intelligence or maintenance purposes. We will also provide an API for third party developers to create a marketplace around our platform. By design our solution does not need to know how the business processes of the customer work, it will learn it by itself. Basically it notices rules and can act on them. The design of the data elements do not only allow the data basis to remain very sleek, but also to contain the entire history of data in all items. Even when items merge to form a new (end-)product. The data input from sensors will use standard APIs to make it compatible with most ways of input. To simplify the process even further we will provide standard sensor layout suggestions that new customers may use if needed. Once set up, the service can expanded within the clients structure. If the customer decides to integrate with a supplier or partner, the service can either take over on the partners facility, or seamlessly merge with the new production plant.