Consumer Physics

Makers of SCiO - The world's smallest most affordable spectrometer

Hod HaSharon, Israel

Big Data & Cloud Technologies


Consumer Physics’ mission is to empower consumers and businesses to learn about the makeup of materials anytime, anywhere by using SCiO - the world’s smallest most affordable near infrared (NIR) spectrometer The SCiO sensor pairs with SCiO smartphone apps and connects to a cloud-based database of material fingerprints. Consumer Physics offers businesses and 3rd party developers a platform that enables them to design their own molecular sensing models and mobile applications for personal and commercial use. The SCiO DevKit includes the SCiO Lab development platform and Mobile SDK and access to professional support from Consumer Physics experts. Consumers can use SCiO to scan fruit, vegetables, dairy food, meat, fish, medications, their own body to measure total body fat, and much more within seconds. The SCiO app also includes a DIY applet that allows anyone to scan any materials of their choosing and analyze the difference between their molecular identities. Businesses can use the SCiO DevKit to improve processes and reduce costs in many industries, including manufacturing, food, agriculture, farming, retail, commodities pharma, automotive, plastics, oil and gas, petrochemicals, machinery, cosmetics, gemology, and more. Gone are the days that only labs or skilled professionals use spectrometers. Field deployment of NIR spectrometers has arrived! The possibilities for real-time material analysis are endless SCiO can also be embedded into other wireless connected devices. The sensor was already embedded in NutriSmart (Terrillion) a smart kitchen scale, in a smart glass and most recently the company launched the H2 Changhong. H2 is the first material sensing smartphone with SCiO sensor and SCiO apps integrated in it. To Learn more please visit: