Autonomous Drone Delivery System

Townsville, Australia

Robotics Technologies


We aim solve the last mile delivery problem by automating the process from pick up to delivery using our own drone technology. The problem with existing drone delivery solutions is that they require a large clear area to make the delivery. This is due to current affordable GPS accuracy being +-5m. An area large enough to accommodate these drone deliveries is hard to come by if you are trying to deliver to high rise buildings or apartment blocks.

BLKTATU is a system that enables that type of delivery and is the only type of its kind. We can deliver by drone with near millimeter accuracy. Our system for package delivery has advantages over current delivery methods with trucks. Drones are fast. They can fly over a city rather than moving through it and having to deal with traffic, road laws and following roads. They also fly straight lines across a city reducing the distance traveled. Environmental impact. Drones operated on batteries that can be recharged from renewable sources. They also remove trucks that would normally be used for delivery from the roads, reducing infrastructure wear and tear and carbon emissions. Cost. Drones are cheap to operate. Currently up to 60% of the cost of getting an item from A-B can be attributed to the last mile. Drones can cost as little as $2-$5/km to operate. Due to the drone flying line of sight across a city the miles are reduced. Our fully automated system will reduced costs for logistics business and in turn the business paying for the services while saving on emissions and road infrastructure repair costs.

We are at the working prototype stage (TRL6) and are keen to move the logistics world forward and reduce costs. Initially we would seek to work with logistics companies to move items quickly across cities in a point to point manner. From there we would then offer the solution to other business seeking to reduce their costs eg. take away food restaurants. Check out our drone in action on YouTube.