A new and clean way for ships propulsion, let's make it happen sailing towards the future.

Barcelona, Spain

Mobility & Transportation Technologies


bound4blue is building a rigid wingsail applicable to the maritime transport, which is facing a double challenge: the increase in fuel costs and new regulations that are facing reductions in pollutant emissions from maritime transport. The rigid wingsail system designed and patented by bound4blue appears as a new solution because of the application of aeronautical techniques to maritime industry, to make the new maritime propulsive systems economically competitive, sustainable and independent from hydrocarbon. In addition, bound4blue is developing a new software tool to optimize the routes considering wind-assisted propulsion systems, to even increase the nominal fuel saving ratios introduced by the wingsail system itself. bound4blue has been awarded by several public grants, has joined the European Space Agency (ESA) business incubaton program in Barcelona and has signed several collaboration agreements with and