everlean helps save cost and motivate employees - easy idea submission

Berlin, Germany



We help companies to save costs and motivate their employees to become more engaged. We revolutionize the consulting industry - by aggregating employee's ideas for (process) improvement we increase our client's efficiency, with focus on manufacturing companies. We are convinced that every employee can contribute valuable ideas to make any company even more successful. Every employee is becoming an expert for certain processes within the company. This expertise, in combination with their creative potential must not be wasted. everlean is the digital solution to support lean management activities. everlean helps companies to make use of untapped potential and helps employees to submit their ideas in the most convenient way possible. everlean also creates more transparency for everyone involved in the process of evaluating and implementing ideas Ð a vital factor to increase the employeeÕs motivation to submit their ideas. It is our long term vision to have sufficient data to analyze every workflow and make automated recommendations for improvement based on previously submitted ideas. By involving every employee and making the most out of every companyÕs potential. We will create a platform for companies from all industries to exchange best practices based on hints and ideas submitted via everlean and benchmark on KPIs for improvement, such as throughput time of idea execution or number of improvements executed per department etc. Our current solution is based on best practices we have seen analogously in successful industry companies such as automotive suppliers. We have combined the most promising approaches and digitized them. Our solution consists of three parts: 1. An app for the employees to easily submit their ideas 2. A digital board to keep track of the status of every submitted idea per team 3. A database in which all ideas are automatically archived and where they can be filtered. KPIs are automatically calculated to help managers stay up to date.