Clean Energy Global GmbH

cleanenergypack is a scalable, fast swappable lightweight battery module.

Berlin, Germany

Clean Technologies


cleanenergypack (cep) is a scalable, fast swappable lightweight battery module, protected by German utility patent. cep is the decisive building block for the energy transition as it unites stationary and mobile storage. Clean Energy Global GmbH has been developing a global, licensable standard for swappable battery packets since October 2016 near Berlin, Germany. The resulting cost reductions in production and development facilitate the complete breakthrough of electric vehicles as well as a new plug-and-play system of stationary energy storage. The cleanenergypack concept innovation has been developed due to input from utilities RWE, E.ON and Statkraft as well as car manufacturers Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, and the VDA. Based on the highest energy density battery cells of the type Panasonic NCR18650GA, the cleanenergypack 3350-5 provides a compact and portable format with 5 kWh nominal storage capacity. As a global standard system, cleanenergypack is open to future, improved cell chemistry and form factors such as 2070 format.