We monitor crops to help farmers make better decisions

Campinas, Brazil


Agrosmart believes that itÕs possible to improve food production and peopleÕs life in the fields by doing things in a smarter way. In order to improve productivity and optimize the use of resources in agriculture we created a solution for smart farming, connecting farmers to their crops. By monitoring several environmental conditions, we allow growers to make better decisions, achieving a more productive and sustainable agriculture. The company was founded in September 2014. In 2015 we became members of EsalqTec, participated in the Startup Brasil and the acceleration program of Baita, the main hardware accelerator in Brazil. Agrosmart received the Call to Innovation award, representing the Singularity University in the search of solutions against the water crises. In the same year, we were invited for a technology transfer program with NASA. In 2016 we won Coca-Cola Open Up, were finalist and became global ambassadors at the Thought For Food Challenge and won the Von-Martius sustainability prize. Moreover, Agrosmart was invested by SP Ventures that are in the top 10 world investors in Agtech and attended Google Launchpad Accelerator.