Data-driven decision making for better air quality

Hamburg, Germany

Big Data & Cloud Technologies


The Hamburg-based startup Breeze was founded in 2015 and supports cities and corporates in creating a more livable environment. Seven million people die every year due to air pollution; the productivity of white-collar workers decreases by up to 50% in offices with bad air quality. Current technology cannot solve this issue: sensing devices are too big, complex and expensive, decision-makers are left alone with the data, which requires scientific knowledge to understand. There is no knowledge transfer process for successful interventions. Breeze develops a cloud analytics platform for environmental data and offers low-cost air quality sensors for large-scale indoor and outdoor deployments – at up to 1.000 times lower prices than current professional measurement equipment. Breeze’s proprietary, award-winning Adaptive Cloud Calibration Engine increases data accuracy to up to 90%, compared to traditional air quality monitoring stations (R^2 = 0.9). Using machine learning and big data technologies, Breeze automatically provides actionable insights and recommendations to increase the liveability of buildings, cities and communities. The startup provides its customers with the best solution to improve air quality, for example by suggesting behavioural changes or connecting them to a fitting solution provider. Breeze is offered to medium-sized enterprises and corporates (focus: indoor deployments), as well as to municipalities and city governments (focus: outdoor deployments).