Cabin Spacey

Smart minimal housing for cities' unused rooftops

Berlin, Germany

Clean Technologies


Cabin Spacey introduces a whole new genre to urban housing by attaching smart modular cabins to cities’ rooftops. Cabin Spacey is a smart modular cabin that hosts up to two people and is built with an independent functional unit inside providing bed, bathroom and kitchen in one functional hub. The cabins are minimal invasive and can be installed on a temporary basis. Further the cabins are of mobile size allowing for regular transport and mass production as a standard product. Cabin Spacey represents the answer to an increasing demand for affordable urban housing (high rents) by a generation that embraces urban life, wants to live life by the fullest while being responsible and resource efficient. It provides a conscious young generation of educated singles and couples with the flexible housing solution they deserve. The business can stand on different pillars/markets with the same product. The product and brand has the potential to become a global platform for products and services corresponding to the way of life of young professionals. Cabin Spacey likewise enables cities to apply a resource-efficient development to keep up with growing demands for sustainable urban space and its own commitment on a smart green agenda. The team behind Cabin Spacey is complementary and consists of three people (two architects & one business guy) with a great subject-related network of architects, urban planners, consultants and mentors. We share the same values and beliefs allowing us to sustainably transform this understanding into true value. Much more importantly, our passion is motivated by the product itself. We see ourselves as part of the customer group in search of easy access to reduced, affordable and quality housing. We enjoy the lifestyle of urban nomadism, but we are fed up with the wasted space potential and far to high rents in cities.