Smart production technology for complex carbon composites

Taufkirchen near Munich, Germany

Manufacturing Technologies


Cevotec offers smart production technology for complex carbon composites based on Fiber Patch Placement technology. SAMBA is Cevotec’s high-tech preforming system for complex, 3D fiber components and laminates with complex fiber orientation. With ARTIST STUDIO, Cevotec provides the matching CAD-CAM software platform and offers development services for prototypes and series products. Cevotec is a spin-off from Technische Universität München and partners with Airbus Group, Baumann Automation and the European Space Agency ESA to industrialize the production of complex carbon composites.

Fiber Patch Placement (FPP) is the advanced preforming technology for the automated production of geometrically complex fiber parts and reinforcements. It enables a new magnitude of freedom in fiber orientation, as defined patches are automatically cut from a tape and precisely placed by two robots and a flexible patch gripper. Through the individual orientation of every patch along load paths, mechanical properties of parts, like stiffness and strength, improve up to 150%, while the additive patch technology saves up to 30% of the precious fiber material. Fiber Patch Placement represents a milestone for high performance applications in automated series production.