Community empowered decision-making

Berlin, Germany

Industrial Technologies


Civocracy is a civic tech startup creating a new model for civic engagement: an online platform enabling meaningful collaboration between societal stakeholders (businesses, government, citizens and organizations). Governments, institutions and companies spend billions on polling, outreach and engagement. By integrating citizens and actors governments, organizations and companies can harvest innovation, make decisions with better quality and quantity of information, and increase public support.

Civocracy facilitates decision-making by enabling you to:

- gather your community

- listen to their proposals, reports & ideas

- publish, share & add information

- identify, invite & gather input from all stakeholders and interest groups

- enjoy an ordered and nuanced discussion & co-create with the community

- add & discover ways of taking offline action

- have an audit trail of your decision Easier, quicker and better community management.

Civocracy filters out the noise and enables multi-level interaction for transparent collaboration and increased stakeholder alignment. Engage your community, build consensus and make better decisions. Civocracy’ combines information, discussion and action: raising awareness, promoting informed debate and linking the offline and online experiences.

How actors use Civocracy:

- Utility companies & corporates: to build public agreement, consensus and acceptance

- Public institutions: to understand local needs & establish a direct connection to the community

- Local governments: to innovate in participation and dynamically engage citizens