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Since the inception of our company we have come to recognize that each of our clients - furniture manufacturers - face a consistent list of problems when it comes to photographing their product in order to get images that they can display on their website, in their catalogs, or give to their retailers. These problems derive from the limitations of traditional photo shoots. They include the need for a physical piece of furniture, a significant number of hours required to find a suitable location for shooting, logistical issues that arise during photo shoots and the need for alterations to images or the creation of additional images once the photo shoot is complete. Based on some mobile phone snapshots (or drawings if the product is not yet available) and the dimensions of the furniture piece we create a model of it in 3D. In the second step we request physical samples of the fabrics or other finishes which we then digitize and apply to the 3D model. Once we have created the virtual product, we can render images of it in any color, from any angle in any light setup. The result will be beautiful marketing images indistinguishable from photographs.

You can find some examples here: Creating a lifestyle image is a very similar process, the difference being that we have to create the room and all the objects inside in 3D as well: