Change the way of cooling!

Berlin, Germany

Energy Technologies


Coolar is developing a compact size refrigeration system that cools with heat instead of electricity by the principle of adsorption. It allows tapping into abundant heat energy from the sun, or any other economical heat source instead of requiring often CO2-intensive, expensive or in remote regions often unavailable electricity. Coolar’s adsorption cooling system will enable health facilities, businesses and households to preserve lifesaving vaccines, medicine and nutrition in a reliable and eco-friendly way by providing innovative refrigerators that run independent from the electricity grid and are close to carbon neutral. It is an elegant solution, that turns the source of the problem - heat that jeopardizes the safe delivery of medicine and vaccines that have to be cooled - into the energy source that powers the solution - a heat powered refrigerator. In developing countries, up to 75% percent of all vaccines deteriorate on their way - most of them due to exposure to warmer than recommended temperatures. Using comparatively easy to generate and store thermal energy from the sun instead of electricity, Coolar can provide reliable cold storage off-grid. Furthermore up to 30% of vaccines are wasted due to accidental freezing in the cold storage devices currently in use. Coolar provides a cold storage solution that guarantees its contents do not freeze. This way Coolar offers an attractive value proposition in remote continental or island regions with insufficient electricity grids: reliable and economical medical cooling. Coolar will help lower vaccine waste rates, that are becoming an ever greater financial liability as vaccine prices rise and the bandwidth of vaccination programmes increases. Furthermore Coolar operates with zero carbon emissions thanks to using clean solar heat to generate hot water and it contains no hazardous substances or moving parts. This way it is also the most durable and environmentally sustainable solution.