CopSonic, universal ultrasonic connectivity

Montauban, France

Security & Safety Technologies


The world is becoming more and more mobile. This mobility systematically involves an increasing need for near field communication. Despite their advantages, the classic communication technologies such as NFC or Bluetooth keep struggling with the compatibility rates on the end user side (only 40% of the 2.1 billion phones compatible in 2016) and the market is fragmented by each new version. CopSonic is a carried spin-off launched in September 2013. CopSonic is all about the development and marking of a new technology enabling communication between electronic devices and 100% of the 8 billion of mobile phones existing worldwide using acoustic waves (ultrasounds and sounds) as a way to interact and transmit data. This patented technology relies on a new codec created by the CopSonic team. This codec is dedicated to data transmission over the air. It is distributed as an SDK, the solution can easily be integrated as a complement to NFC and BLE into existing environments to perform secure authentication, proximity detection or IoT connectivity.

There are few competitors worldwide who are proposing ultrasonic solutions. They are all Application Providers that propose vertical solutions. CopSonic is changing this game as a technology provider. Since September 2013, CopSonic has multiplied its activities to evangelize the technology. The number of POCs and studies around our technology keeps growing as we identify new use cases in which ultrasound can make a difference. Its capacity to offer alternatives for basic phones is also appreciated and turns the technology into a solution with a global interest (i.e. bank inclusion through mobile payments). Ultrasounds are a new communication channel.

Among the numerous use cases on which we are currently addressing with ultrasounds: online payments, online passwordless authentication, ATM Cash withdrawals, crowd interaction on events, geofencing and geomarketing, control of lights in planes and opening cars….