Deep Eyes

Understanding people's behaviour is key to success.

Moscow, Russia

Big Data & Cloud Technologies


It is a system of analysis of human behavior on the basis of data from the video camera. We can determine the level of different emotions, anxiety, patterns of behavior, unusual gait/movements, stress, lies/truth and so on.

We are the only one in the world who can online determine the man is lying or not. For this, we need only an HD-camera and notebook (or smartphone) without Internet. We have developed a unique statistical algorithm to a fast (almost online) video processing and retrieval of large amounts of information without sensors and remotely. Moreover, our technology allows us to obtain predictions with an accuracy of 80% or more. What problems are you solving for your customers?

- Expansion of predictive models calculate the risk of delinquencies and defaults

- Ability quickly obtains a prediction about the objectivity of the requirements to claim the insurance

- Forecast reliability of the information received from the applicant

- Non-contact, scalable lie detector (it is possible the web version)

- Monitoring of employees

- Training and learning emotional stability

Our technology has the following advantages:

- collects information remotely

- do not use individual sensors (except for HD cameras)

- processes the video almost online the accuracy of the results/predictions more than 80%

- low cost

- low requirements for professional skills of staff