Deep Eyes

The Next Generation of Video Based Artificial Intelligence

Munich, Germany

Big Data & Cloud Technologies


With unrivaled accuracy and speed DeepEyes sets new standards in artificial vision and makes camera based adaptive, self-learning systems accessible to applications and requirements in all lines of business. We offer disruptive technologies for requirements until now considered out of reach for visual recognition. As opposed to modern systems of artificial intelligence, which use expensive neural networks, the DeepEyes technology is not restrained by hardware requirements or computational capabilities of modern processors and video cards. Instead we use low-level computing processes. Our technology does not require neural networks but exclusively relies on smart algorithms which represent a new generation of video based artificial intelligence and delivers quick results with highest accuracy. Advantages:
  • Cost effective, our technology runs on standard hardware.
  • Safe, our technology can work standalone and offline.
  • Flexible, data from other vendors´ data capturing devices/sensors can be integrated easily.
  • Quick, our algorithms make applications up to 15 times more efficient than existing systems.
  • User-friendly, no special skills required.
Application Examples:
  • Training, Education: Lessons automatically adjust to students ability level and learning speed
  • HR: Support system for identifying the right applicant
  • Security (Border Control, Law Enforcement etc.): Instantaneously and without wiring identify truthfulness of examined persons
  • Smart home: Assistance for elderly or disabled persons
  • Marketing: Analyzing customer engagement at the POS or online, on billboards etc.
  • Autonomous driving: Assess a driver´s or pilot´s ability to drive a car or a plane (detect drunkenness, illness, mental disorder etc.)
  • Financial industry: detect fraud in numerous application areas