Desolenator ltd

A clean technology company tackling the global water crisis

London, United Kingdom

Clean Technologies


Desolenator is a patented off-grid technology which uses just sunlight to turn any source of water (seawater, pond, well, grey, brackish, etc.) into clean drinking water. It does not require disposable components such pre-treatment chemicals, membranes or filters and can deliver water at 0.01$/L. Desolenator enables even the most remote of communities to be water independent. Each Desolenator is equipped with a GSM chip which allows remote monitoring and mobile micro- payment to optimize functionality and affordability. Desolenator is currently completing the Climate Kic accelerator program at Imperial College (w/ €100k grant) and after a residency at Google & NASA and attended Singularity University early in 2016. The number of people currently experiencing water stress is 1.2 billion and the UN estimates that by 2030, 4 billion people will experience water stress. Our strength lies in our collaborative approach to our business. We utilize the knowledge and experience of professionals that goes beyond the fields of science, business and technology. We work with academics to validate the socio-economic benefits of Desolenator, partner with local NGOs to maximize grass roots impact, work with public institutions such as schools and health clinics and are actively involved in thought leadership within the water sector – whether that be policy decisions at the UN or seminars with corporate CSR departments. It is this 360 degrees and holistic approach that sets us apart. In addition our inclusive financial model allows us to reach the BoP markets which together have substantial purchasing power: the IFC estimates it to be a $5 trillion global consumer market.