DocRAID – cloud data protection

Data privacy and compliance, protection from physical-, cyber- and legal-threats.

Berlin, Germany

Artificial Intelligence


Concerns about information security are the #1 reason for companies and private individuals not to adopt cloud services. DocRAID protects data in cloud services by providing encryption gateways for a large array of services such as file sharing, email, analytics and IoT.

DocRAID is the pioneer in CloudRAID technology and employs award winning security for maximum data protection. At the same time, DocRAID is easy to integrate into legacy infrastructure and legacy code, no process changes are required.

DocRAID delivers an integrated set of compliance and security services to unify access governance, secure information and to protect your enterprise from physical-, cyber-, and legal-threats:

A proxy architecture—on-premise, off-premise, and hybrid—protects you against threats, enables cloud data protection, and gives you flexible business policy control.

Integrating critical business services like data loss protcetion (DLP), compliance, advanced data security, access governance.

Providing solutions for enterprise file sharing, secure data rooms, email protection, IoT security and text/data analytics.