Factor-E Analytics GmbH

A digitisation and analytics platform for manufacturing

Berlin, Germany

Manufacturing Technologies


Factor-E is a production technology start-up that stemmed out of research of the TU-Berlin. Factor-E Analytics addresses the following major issues in manufacturing: • The digitisation of production, i.e. monitoring shopfloor operations and equipment performance via the acquisition and analysis of machine data with goal to monitor and control productivity, • Managing resource consumption • Increasing equipment availability, i.e. tracking equipment health in order to derive measures that reduce equipment downtime. All above goals require real time data from production equipment. Moreover, the industrial Internet of Things (Industrie 4.0 in German) require real time data from equipment. However, acquiring these data is a technically hard and expensive problem. The Factor-E Analytics platform achieves intelligent digitization and networking of production equipment simply by continuously monitoring electrical enrgy consumption, through which process specific information is extracted with very little latency. Regardless of equipment type and age, availability of industrial networks or even digital interfaces in production equipment, the software platform acquires energy use data with minimal integration effort based on cost effective, plug and play hardware and brings the digital revolution of the Internet of Things to any shop floor. There are more than 650K potential customers in Europe, with more than 3.5M installed machines, of which only 700K possess digital interfaces. Even for these, extracting data is a technically difficult problem due to proprietary, obsolete and not well documented interfaces and protocols. Market penetration of equipment digitisation approaches in companies with more than 100 employees in Germany is less than 28% (much less for smaller companies). In a first step, 27K large and mid-sized manufacturers in Germany are targeted. EU and international developing markets are to be addressed later.