FDX Fluid Dynamix GmbH

FDX OsciJet Nozzles - movement without moving parts

Berlin, Germany

Clean Technologies


FDX Fluid Dynamix develops and sells smart nozzles for improvement of industrial mixing processes, the distribution of fluids, and for industrial cleaning purposes. FDX relies on a self-created technology platform that allows the design of the devices for the customer application, reducing development time dramatically. Core of the smart nozzle system are so called OsciJet nozzles which produce an oscillating fluid jet at their outlet with frequencies of up to 20,000 Hz. The frequency and jet angle of the fluid jet is adjustable through appropriate design. The devices contain no moving parts, so that the nozzles operate without wear, and thus, with almost infinite lifetime. Because of these properties, the components can be employed in numerous applications, such as lawn sprinklers, mixing systems for the chemical industry, motors and gas turbines, etc. The first and most attractive application of the self-developed fluidic oscillator is in a diesel injector for a gas turbine application. The oscillating fluid jet of the smart nozzle allows up to a 15 times better mixture quality compared to a conventional hole nozzle, which results particularly in a reduction of pollutant emissions and a significant cost reduction (FDX estimates up to 70% cost reduction). The OsciJet nozzles are scalable (to almost any size), easy to integrate and miniaturize, extremely robust, absolutely reliable and maintenance-free. In addition, they can be used in harsh working environments, in which valves and other mechanical elements fail quickly or require frequent maintenance. FDX offers the complete process chain for integrating the fluidic nozzles in the systems of the customer. Starting with the adaptation of the components to the specific requirements of the customer up to mass production, FDX accompanies the customers through the integration process for the optimal implementation of the OsciJet nozzle.